Saddleback Volleyball Club

Our Mission

Our beginnings

Saddleback Volleyball Club was founded in 1993, whose primary goal was to create a unique atmosphere that would cultivate a true sense of family within a highly competitive environment.  These cornerstones continue to govern our mission and set us apart from our competitors.

The Saddleback training program is one of the finest in the country— our comprehensive, highly competitive system has proven successful in preparing our athletes to compete at regional and national competitions. The instruction is consistent within all age groups and program levels: we strive to equip each player with the highest level of training at a pace which is conducive to her individual needs and goals. Thanks to our superior coaching and recruiting staffs, we have enabled over 400 student-athletes to succeed at the collegiate level.

Fostering Well-Rounded Athletes


Equally important to technical training is providing a framework where athletes can have fun and develop social and interpersonal skills. Therefore, we aspire to provide a competitive, enjoyable and welcoming environment to all levels of play for every athlete.

We are grateful to the thousands of athletes and their families over the past 29 years who have provided Saddleback the opportunity to help develop and achieve their personal goals. It is our hope that each of our players will develop a passion for the game and a spirit which will continue far beyond her high school years.

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